Alpha Chroma Alpha Strong Plasto-Lux Enamel Glazing Putty

Wood Putty


For Wood
Alkyd, Solvent-Based
Full Putty: 10 square meters per 4 liters per coatSpot Putty: 25 square meters per 4 liters per coat

1L, 4L

Use as packaged.

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Excellent Adhesion


New Wood Surfaces
1) Sand the surface to remove roughness and loose edges.

1) Remove any flaking or peeling paint.
2) Sand, clean, and dust off.

Putty Knife

New or Repainting
Primer: Apply one (1) coat of ACEF-2053 ALPHA STRONG Interior/Exterior Wood Primer White.
Putty: Cover wood defects and nail holes with Alpha Strong Enamel "Plasto-Lux" Glazing Putty White
1st Topcoat: Apply one (1) coat of topcoat ALPHA GLOSS Quick Dry Enamel.
2nd Topcoat: Apply one (1) coat of topcoat ALPHA GLOSS Quick Dry Enamel.

Keep the container dry and tightly closed in a cool and well-ventilated place.

Isolate from sources of heat, sparks, and open flame. Do not use sparkling tools.

Opened containers must be resealed carefully and kept upright to prevent leakage.

Keep away from oxidizing agents and strongly acidic materials.

Always keep in containers with the same material as the original one.

Available upon request.

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