Alpha Chroma Oil-Based Tinting Colors

Colorants for Oil-Based or Alkyd Systems


For Wood and Metal
Alkyd, Solvent-Based
Follows base paint finish

60mL, ¼L

Use as packaged.

  • Product Features
  • Product Instructions
  • Storage and Handling
  • Safety Precautions

Good Light Fastness
High-Tinting Strength

1) Add the recommended amount of tinting color to the paint and mix well.
2) Do not use more than ½ liter of Alpha Chroma Oil Based Tinting Color per 4 liters of base paint to avoid film defects.

Keep the container dry and tightly closed in a cool and well-ventilated place.

Isolate from sources of heat, sparks, and open flame. Do not use sparkling tools.

Opened containers must be resealed carefully and kept upright to prevent leakage.

Keep away from oxidizing agents and strongly acidic materials.

Always keep in containers with the same material as the original one.

Available upon request.

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