Arkhon Flex Cement

Flexible Cementitious Coating


For Exterior/Interior Concrete
Acrylic, Water-Based
5-7 square meters per 6 liters mixture

4L , 16L

Use as packaged.

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Excellent Adhesion


New Surfaces
1) Cure concrete 14-28 days to reduce water and alkali to safe level.
2) Clean and dry surface, free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, loose materials and other contaminants.
1) Remove existing paint or material to bare before applying this product.

Trowel, Roller, Brush, and Mortar Gun -resulting in "orange peel" texture cementitious coating

New or Repainting
1) Add cement gradually to polymer. ( Mix 7 kilograms of cement to 4 liters of Arkhon Flex Cement )
resulting in a homogeneous mixture.
Use of a mechanical mixer is highly recommended. Mix only enough material to prevent waste.
2) Pass the mixture through a fine strainer to eliminate lumps and grits.
3) Wet the surface with clean water without water ponding before applying polymer-cement compound
to promote better adhesion.
4) Apply polymer-cement compound by brush or roller. Recommended final thickness is 1.0 mm
3 coats for vertical , 5 coats for horizontal
5) Dry for 24 hours before applying paint.
6) Apply recommended topcoats for maximum durability. Suggested topcoats are Rain or Shine Elastomeric
Paints, Alpha Strong Acrytile, Alpha White

Keep the container tightly closed and upright to prevent leakage.

Store in a well-ventilated area.

Always keep in containers with the same material as the original one.

Contain and collect spillage with a non-combustible absorbent material like sand.

Available upon request.

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