Sista F109 Multipurpose

100% Silicone Multipurpose Sealant


For Concrete, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Sanitary Surfaces, Aluminium,Vinyl, and Ceramic
6-7 meters per 300 ml

300 mL

Use as packaged.

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German Technology by Henkel
Highly Flexible
Non-Shrink Sealant


New Surfaces
1) Clean the surface with water, mild detergent, or alcohol until dry and free from any oil and dust.

Apply using Sealant Gun
1) Cut the end of the applicator nozzle according to the size of the gap with a knife.
2) Cut the stopper of the sealant cartridge with a knife or scissor.
3) Attach the nozzle applicator to the sealant cartridge.
4) Press the release tab of the sealant gun and pull the pressure rod back.
5) Insert the sealant cartridge into the sealant gun.
6) Position the applicator nozzle against the gap, then smoothly press the trigger until the sealant starts to come out.
7) Fill the sealant in the gap, then remove the excess sealant with a smoothing tool along the sealant line.
8) Clean smoothing tool.

Use only in well-ventilated areas.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Keep the container tightly sealed.

Available upon request.

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