Sista Modified Silicone Polymer Sealant

High Movement Waterproof Sealant


For Aluminium Composite Cladding (ACP), Concrete, Metal, Precast, Stone, and Fiber Cement Boards
Modified Silicone Solids
Dark Gray, Viscous Paste
380 ml: 7-8 meters 600 ml: 12-13 meters

380 mL, 600 mL

Use as packaged.

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100% Solids (Non-Shrink)
Dry and Wet Application
Excellent Elongation
Good Adhesion

New Surfaces
1) Clean the surface from dust, grease, and other contaminants.

Apply using Caulking Gun

New Surfaces
1) Protect the area of application with masking tape or protective paper to isolate the area where caulk should not appear. Ensure straight lines.
2) Place Sista MS Polymer sausage inside the caulking gun and cut the tip or caulk tube's nozzle according to your needed size. Trimming the nozzle allows the caulk to flow freely out. You can control the size of the caulk line, also called the "bead," when you make the snip. The further down the nozzle you cut, the wider the bead will be.
3) Squeeze the trigger gently to get the material flowing, and then it is ready to use.
4) Apply Sista MS Polymer Sealant to the substrate surface to get one continuous, even bead along each length.
5) Use a caulking tool and a putty knife along the joint. Press the caulk to smoothen out.
6) Pull the painter's tape or masking tape before the caulk dries.
7) Allow curing for 24 hours.

Use only in well-ventilated areas.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Keep the container tightly sealed.

Do not use any acidic-alkaline agents to clean the product.

Keep away from all sources of heat and flame.

Available upon request.

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