Rain or Shine

Matter Expands and Contracts
We were taught in school that matter expands and contracts in reaction to heat and cold, respectively. This is a scientific principle that holds true even for the strongest of buildings. Small cracks that routinely occur in masonry surfaces present a major challenge for painting works and coat durability. Don’t worry any longer, as Rain or Shine Elastomeric Paint is the solution to your problems!
Crack-Bridging Properties
A thicker and more flexible finish gives Rain or Shine paints the ability to bridge a moving crack without sustaining damage. Only cutting-edge, proprietary resins are used in our product development in order to guarantee your Colorful Protection! We seal the cracks that eventually develop on your masonry. Let us keep your home or office safe!
From Basement to Roof
Form follows function in any construction work. Ultraviolet light (UV) resistance matters for sun-exposed roofing paints, but this property could not matter less for your underground basement or cellar experiencing leaks from the adjacent soil. Our Rain or Shine Elastomeric paint has various product lines to match every space and its corresponding requirements. All while coloring your life!
Prime and Proper
Primers will always be the first coat in any paint job. Elastomeric undercoats are used to establish a flexible first coat and promote adhesion of succeeding coats. Rain or Shine offers an assortment of primer products. Customers may opt for Rain or Shine Elasto-Proofer for superior waterproofing, Prepa-White for extra hiding, or Elasto-Tex for a textured finish. One thing remains sure: Proper surface preparation will always lay the groundwork for a successful painting project. Literally!
Save Time & Money
The strong makeup and color fastness of elastomeric paint gives greater longevity versus ordinary paints. What does that mean for you? Less repainting, less labor, and most of all less interruptions in your daily life. Elastomeric coatings are also often used as anti-carbonation coatings and satisfy waterproofing specifications if application is done correctly.
Waterproofing Paint
Rain or Shine provides waterproofing benefits for cracks up to 1.5 millimeters due to its elongation properties. Other coatings can only cover up to 1 millimeter. Two coats over a proper primer will fill cracks and prevent the buildup of moisture in your masonry, especially on days with wind-driven rain. Our Paint & Seal products (those that come with blue caps) are extreme waterproofing paints that bridge cracks up to 2.5 mm! Truly Rain or Shine!

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